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Vitamin B17, Laetrile and treatment of Cancer part 3

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Vitamin B17 or Laetrile or Amygdalin

Today although still not conclusive about the benefits of  B17, but there's some background about the business benefits of this vitamin.

Above all else, there are claims that pharmaceutical companies have claim to FDA about the study and monitoring of Vitamin B17 ( or Laetrile ) and must be implemented urgently. Because pharmaceutical companies will conduct studies on these vitamins and they will be patented. The result is that if they approved of what they studied and patented. They will have the exclusive right to sell these vitamins. This will be a lot of money.

Vitamin B17 ( or Laetrile ) is a name to being impersonated in order to avoid the law.

Sources of this supplement was from, Chemists who want to sell products made from a substance Laetrile. He took a name B17 ( or Laetrile ) replaced the name of Laetrile. They do this because they want to keep it as a dietary supplement in order to avoid the law of some states in the United States government regarding the marketing of the drug. And pretends that nutrient's he has good health properties. He also benefits from such action at that time.