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Cyanide (The toxins in vitamin B17) part 3

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The use of chemicals containing cyanide(The toxins in vitamin B17) in the petrochemical industry

Cyanide exposure in industry

Cyanide is a toxic substance into the body through the mouth, inhalation or absorption through the skin and eyes. We can get this poisoning from accidental or incidental. Since today with the use of chemicals containing cyanide (Toxins in laetrile or Vitamin B17) in various industries such as Manufactured in stainless, Smelting silver or gold, Metal plating, The petrochemical industry, Manufacture of pesticides.

They also found chemicals in the home, such as nail polish, which will contain acetonitrile and these compounds, can release this compounds, burning the plastic, poly-urethane material, nylon mat which these can cause cyanide (The toxins in amygdalin, laetrile or Vitamin B17) gas as well. Of course it is very dangerous if inhaled into the body. So far that it is not you.

The use of chemicals containing cyanide(The toxins in vitamin B17) in the Metal plating

The toxins in vitamin B17 affect the body's death.

Once we receive cumulative toxicity of cyanide poisoning (Toxins from Vitamin B17) are often abnormal in the brain, may show symptoms of psychosis, optic nerve degeneration. For those who have been highly this toxin. It can cause acute toxicity of the body, especially brain cells to hypoxia, patients who have seizures, unconsciousness and respiratory disorders. If medical treatment is slow, it will be fatal.