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Amygdalin is vitamin B17 or Laetrile? Part 2

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 Amygdalin(Vitamin B17 or Laetrile) is found in apricot seeds

In first part we have mentioned amygdalins with the treatment of cancer.

Such treatment has been used in various countries. Mexico, Australia, as well as other countries allow the use of Amygdalin ( Laetrile or that falsely appear to be Vitamin B17 ) in the form of drug to eat and injection. The use of this compound is use a different amount each time between 500 mg to 1 gram per day. But the United States are not allowed to use is strictly prohibited, because Amygdalin can changed to cyanide and toxic enzymes. Therefore, you should avoid eating it is strictly prohibited. In addition, it is toxic to the body and it also can lead to coma and death in the end.

Yes or no, amygdalin (Laetrile or vitamin B17) can treat cancer?

Currently there isn’t evidence to prove that Amygdalin ( or Vitamin B17 ) can eliminate cancer cells, including reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back again in any way. So to be safe, people with cancer patients should avoid eating these drugs is strictly prohibited.