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Apricot seeds with Vitamin B17 part 2

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Apricot with Vitamin B17

Amygdalin and apricot seeds are associated with some reason. To use the name Vitamin B17 of amygdalin(Laetrile ) is to avoid the legal and business interests. Industries associated with cancer treatment are worth to 200,000 million dollars. Manufacturer of modern medicine cannot be occupied the discovery of natural compounds such as

vitamin B17 because it was not approved by FDA.

Has been pushing for sales the raw apricot seeds or advertising about Vitamin B17 are illegal.

In contrast, many pharmaceutical companies in collaboration with some of the agencies pharmacists to try to push it to the FDA allow sales of raw apricot seeds or advertising that it has the ability to treat and anti-cancer, is illegal.

Apricot with Vitamin B17

We see that in today's there is no sale raw apricot seed at health food stores but only have dried form, which various enzymes have been destroyed already.