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Apricot seeds with Vitamin B17 part 1

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Apricot with Vitamin B17

Treatment of human cancers has been hundreds of years. There are reports of traditional Chinese medicine that they use seeds of bitter almonds, which has amount of Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) high for treatment of cancer for more than 3,000 years ago.

Laetrile is the name used to be called pure amygdalin. Apricot are rich in Vitamin B17, It can prevent and suppress tumor cells. The Eskimo tribes, Navajo and hunza, they often take B17 regularly. Thus they are not cancerous.

Apricot seeds with Vitamin B17

Yes or no, properties of vitamin B17's apricot seeds are very good for the body?

But actually it is not so. In fact, with apricot seeds from the above, it does not have any research or evidence to support the features of apricot seeds. And compounds derived from the seeds of apricots can be converted to cyanide. It is toxic to the body. Its toxicity may lead to coma and death in the end.