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Hunza with vitamin B17 part 1

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Hunza people

Hunza people living in the Himalayan foothills of northern Pakistan, they in an average lifespan of about 120 years with a healthy body, walk, run and the permanent teeth are fully. Dr. Jay Hoffman has survey found that they with a population of over three thousand people in 1961 and an increase about sixty thousand people in 1982.

Hunza Valley

In March 1961, has published an article about these people in the medical journal "Journal of the American Medical Association" says about the Hunza people live longer and have a lot of life to 140 years.

Dr. Jay Milton Hoffman conducted research about these people and his research make he was Oscar Award from American Medical Association in field of medical care for the elderly (National Geriatrics Society) on April 2, 1962, at Washington, DC.