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Hunza with vitamin B17 part 3

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Hunza people

Hunza people eat the fresh fruits and vegetables per day, over one kilogram. It is the proportion of vegetables and fruit high, in particular, apicot (The fruit that contains amygdalin or Laetrile, which falsely appears to be vitamin B17), cherry, grape and plum.

They without electricity, there is not fuel, no gas, cooking is done sparingly, because firewood as fuel rarity of there.

Apricot(The fruit that contains Amygdalin or Laetrile, that falsely appears to be vitamin B17)

They do not have enough space to grow rice, glutinous rice. They have wheat to make bread only, but it is not too much and used goat milk to make yogurt. The consumption fresh fruit and vegetable has resulted in these people defecate 3-4 times a day average. It's natural detoxification very good.

Their lifestyles and consumption was 900 years ago. Note that it is natural food consumption. Foods of them focus on whole fruit, whole-grain and vegetables. This is very important. Men over the age of a hundred years, with healthy same they tend to consume vegetables and fruit is the staple food for many generations.